Linda in Onederland

I thought I would never see the day. When I stepped on the scale this morning, it registered at 199.0. I nearly fainted. I don’t think I’ve been below 200 (plus) pounds in about 15 years. No matter how much I dieted, how hard I exercised, I just couldn’t make it under that bar. And now I’m there. Yesterday, I was 200.1 — I almost skipped weighing today, figuring I’d be up a half pound or some other such nonsense, and I didn’t want the frustration. I’m so glad I took the chance. On top of that good news, it’s FRIDAY, it was a gloriously beautiful Fall day, and even though I tortured my back finalizing the promotion and tenure files for two of our faculty, I have finished the project and can deliver them to the Dean’s office on Monday morning. I’m on the couch with my buddy Vincent, and a nice Therma-care pack. I’ll try to tidy up a bit before bed, then tomorrow it’s quilt, quilt, quilt. I want that Dresden DONE!! Then it’s on to two quilts with the Circle Lord King Spirals template (should be a breeze, but one of them is a two-sided T-shirt quilt), and then it’s on to the Baltimore Bunnies. This cute little applique quilt is more my speed. After that, I have two more customer quilts, then I need to make a few baby quilts (probably simple all-over whole cloths or something using Renae’s Rays), and then it’s ME time. I’ve got that whole cloth drawn out, just have to figure out how to make it come out on sateen, as I want it to. Plenty of time to think.

Of course, in the meanwhile (and in all my spare time) I need to clean up and do laundry because I’m having company next weekend. My nephew and his wife will be coming down from Seattle. They are the most darling couple. I love them both. Nick is a whiz with computers and his wife Miriam is such a calming influence on him. He was a very troubled youth until they got together. Now he is excelling in his job and looking forward to his future. They’ll do some Christmas shopping and hang out with me and the rest of the fam. It will be fun.

7 thoughts on “Linda in Onederland

  1. Congrats on breaking out of the 200s! I know how momentous that is! I’m so proud of you! Also very happy for you.

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