That was fun

Well, the retreat was mostly very fun.  The food was good — lots of good protein, even though I couldn’t eat much.  I wasn’t at all tempted by the chocolate fudge cake on Friday night and even less so by the apple pie on Saturday night.  I did try my first piece of whole-grain bread.  I ate about 1/4 of the slice before realizing it was not for me.  I won’t try that again for a long time.  It sat in my stomach like a rock.  I took a big piece of cotton sateen to mark my next whole cloth.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the darn thing to hold still long enough for me to mark it.  Even the registration lines came out all wonky.  So, I got up really early Saturday morning, slipped out of my room and drove into town and cut and washed a big piece of white muslin.  I was able to mark that with no problems whatsoever, so I now have a muslin whole cloth to make.  Renae has recommended that I put the design on Totally Stable and then iron it onto the sateen to make it work.  I may do that — it depends on how quickly my back will forgive me from bending over that table for the weekend.

I have begun physical therapy with the good-looking therapist.  I believe he is intent upon killing me, but I have been doing my best to follow his instructions.  I now own a big black styrofoam roller in addition to the white one I already had.  I also already had the exercise ball, and I have a pilates performer, so I should be good to go.  Either I will die from the pain or I will come out of there one buff, hot mama!  😉  I will see the neurologist on Thursday — he went over my MRI with me before I had the spinal injection there, and I want him to really go over it in detail with me this time so I can see if I really have all the problems the neurosurgeon told me I do.  I personally think she’s nuts.

Anyway, other than getting old and falling apart, life is great.  The weather in Eugene has been typical Oregon fall.  Very cold and densely foggy in the mornings, sunny and warm in the afternoons.  It’s usually like that all of October, but for the first half we had cold and rain, rain, rain.  I’m glad the normal fall is back.