I should be home this weekend, feverishly working on customer quilts, but I’m going on a quilting retreat.  I’ve earned it and I’m going!! Our group, the “Getaway Girls”, is going to stay in one of the lodges at the US Basketball Academy on the McKenzie River, just east of Blue River, OR.  It is so lovely there.  I think it is also called the McKenzie River Conference Center, but the extra long beds and bathroom sinks that are nearly at chest height give away the fact that it was designed as a place for very tall young men.  They generally have a group of youngsters from China training there.  They are usually about 15-17 years old and average somewhere around 7′ tall.   They are learning English while they are there and sometimes will talk with us in the dining hall at meal time.  Very nice, respectful kids.  But then again, how could they be mean to a bunch of old quilty ladies?  I am considering leaving my sewing machine home.  I’ve got a big piece of sateen in my bag, 12 blue markers and a couple of eraser pens — I’ve got Renae’s Rays and a huge drywall ruler in the car, and I think I will take my ironing board and full-sized iron with me.  Yep – it’s whole cloth design time!  If the guild wants one for the raffle quilt, I can show them how to do it.  This one is going to be one of my show quilts.  I hope it comes out okay.  I’ve got the design picked out and the center ready to go.  Now I’ll just have to plan borders and inner fill.  I hope I’ll be able to see the design well through the fabric, as I am tracing instead of using stencils.  I may also take a bit of muslin and design a couple of small baby quilts with Renae’s mini rays.  People seem to be having kids everywhere, and I never have a quilt when I need it.

I thought I would spend the evening getting ready for the retreat.  Actually, tonight was guild night and I really wanted to pop in for just a while, but I fell asleep on the couch shortly after I got in the door.  We have two promotion and tenure cases open for two of our faculty in the department and, of course, all the materials (or most) were ready today to be assembled for the rest of the faculty to review on Monday.  So, I spent the better part of the day making six copies of each file (12 total), sorting, assembling, filing out forms, getting reviews signed, and then binding the stuff together.  It is, unfortunately, back breaking work, and since my back is already nearly broken, it wasn’t fun.  I am, however, the only one who remembers what goes where, so I do it myself.  Too many cooks can be a disaster in this case.  I finished it all by 4:15, but since I had arrived at the office at 6:30 today, I was whipped.  I figured I’d come home, take a pain pill and relax before the meeting.  I didn’t take the pain pill and fell fast asleep.

So, it’s getting late, but I’ve got more packing to do.  I need to leave instructions for my kitty cat/house sitter (my niece), and then I’ll be off around noon to head up river.  A lodge in the forest by the river with fabric involved.  What could be better?  I know — if I could take you all with me.

Oh!  I have to stop at the post office before I leave and get my Hang-up!  It is a quilt hanger, made by the Hang-ups Company, that I will use to hang my first whole cloth, For Clara, in my living room.  It’s time she came home to roost.  Her traveling days are over.

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