The Hobbit’s Life for Me

I’ve always chuckled about the eating schedule of your typical hobbit.  First Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Elevensies, Luncheon, Afternoon Tea, Supper, Dinner, Etc.  Well, I can’t eat a heck of a lot, and cakes and ale are certainly not on the menu, but I seem to have adopted the Hobbit’s eating schedule.  When you can only eat a little bit at a time, it seems that’s all you do!  Well, and then there’s drinking all that water.  Sigh.  It doesn’t leave much time for quilting, but I have managed to do a bit of that lately.

I’m working on finishing a second dresden plate.  This thing is in rough shape, but I’m determined to make it pretty.  The borders are done with the Circle Lord Rope Template, so they look great, I used a stencil that Teresa L selected for me at NW Quilt Expo for the corner stones, and used the Marvy Markers that Ronda’s Mom sent me to get them on there.  It truly takes a village! 😉  I’ll do as much of that as I can until Friday around noon, when I will depart for my quilt retreat at the US Basketball Academy up the McKenzie River.  It is truly a beautiful spot and I look forward to going.  Except, our group has been asked to design and make the raffle quilt for our guild, and they tell me they are thinking wholecloth.  If we end up doing that, I can see this as a big job for me, unless they want me to mark it and they can hand quilt it!!  In the meanwhile, I think I may take some big rulers, some stencils I have, and a couple of big print-outs I have and spend the weekend designing a whole cloth.  I still have the Sultan’s tray to do, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to pull that one off by the MQX deadline — too many customer quilts in the wings waiting to get on the machine.  So, I’ll settle for a faux trapunto quilt that can be just as gorgeous!  Im also considering making (but not this weekend) a gown and wrap, since I will need something to wear on formal night when I take my cruise of the Bahamas in January.  What a full life I lead!  LOL

The steroids are keeping the pain at bay in my back for now, although I have had to do lots of running around today and I’m thinking a pain pill might not be a bad idea before it gets awful.  I went to physical therapy yesterday and my very hot physical therapist (sigh — totally wasted on a fat old lady!) tells me he doesn’t think I’m in as bad shape as the neurosurgeon seemed to indicate.  So — there is hope, I have PT visits scheduled clear up until Christmas — they saw that my insurance pays at 100% and pounced on me!  I think they’d squeeze in all 60 allowable visits if they could fit me on their calendar.  They tried to get me in for Friday, but I told them NO — I’m off quilting!!

3 thoughts on “The Hobbit’s Life for Me

  1. Can’t wait to see what the talented “You” creates, I know it will be a knockout. Rest up, enjoy the PT viewing pleasure and have a great time this weekend, I will be thinking about ya… Love to you……

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