I do feel much better this morning.  I got a good night’s sleep, and seeing such nice posts from friends is very uplifting.  I also think a second opinion would be a good idea.  I will do the physical therapy and wear this lovely brace when I’m going to do anything that will possibly cause problems.  I forgot to say that I showed her (the surgeon) the TENS unit I bought at MQX – from the Healthy Backs folks.  She was glad to see I had one and recommended that I use it as often as I liked.  She recommended one to me, so I pulled mine out of my bag.  Actually, I’m sitting here typing with it running on my back right now.  Whatever happens, I will not let this defeat me.  I must keep on quilting.  So, I’m off to make a pot of tea and head upstairs.  Vince has been waiting ever since I got up, eyeing the door to the studio.  There’s nothing better than spending the day with mom, snuggled up on his pile of batting scraps.


2 thoughts on “Friends

  1. It was great talking to you at least we can make one another laugh to keep us mentally upbeat….. We will get through all this, just remember you are not alone… Love to you and please do not overdo……. Hugs to you and thanks for helping lift my spirits today it really warms my heart and eases the pain, well you know what I mean….

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