No news is good news, but I have news

Well, it’s all bad.  I saw the neurosurgeon today.  I won’t be having a quick surgery to get rid of the pain.  If I do end up having surgery, it will involve a lot of pins and screws and will be something that I will do as a last ditch effort.  I have degenerative disc disease (I knew), scoliosis (I didn’t know), arthritis (didn’t know this either), and three of my discs are significantly squished out.  Because most of the pain is in my back and rear end, shaving the little bit that is pressing on the sciatic nerve won’t help me at all.  I’m on percocet and flexeril and will need to do another course of steroids (if my surgeon says it’s okay).  I am so bummed.  I start physical therapy next week — mostly just deep heat and massage.  I am to use my EMS device (that I bought at MQX) a couple of times a day, and have to find out if there is any sort of anti-inflamatory I can take.  I am prohibited from taking NSAIDs because of my weight loss surgery.  I also have a gorgeous lumbar brace that I am to wear when I go for walks or when I have to sit for an extended period of time.  If I could drink, I’d pop the cork on the BIG bottle of wine I have out in the kitchen.  I went into the doctor’s office thinking this was going to be something easily fixable (that’s what the guy who gave me the spinal injection told me) and instead, it’s something I’m going to have to deal with for the rest of my life.  I’m not happy.  I really don’t want to have to have a bunch of pins and screws in my spine.  So, I’m on drugs, having a brief pity party, and hopefully, will feel better in the morning.  Right now I’m really bummed.


8 thoughts on “No news is good news, but I have news

  1. Well, we must have a joint “Pity Party” we deserve it. I am so sorry this is horrible news, but please do something for “YOU” go get a 2nd opinion, please…… Also I have the name of a great Pain Management Doctor that could possibly help you, I am seeing him along with the long list of other Doc’s, to be honest he has helped me more than the Surgeons, the surgeons are great at cutting but to manage our daily pain and our mental health that goes with the pain he is fabulous…. Hang in there kiddo, and I agree we should build a convalescent home for Quilters… Take it easy, listen to me DH keeps telling me I should practice what I preach (lol)… love and hugs to you my friend….

  2. I have been watching your progress and hoping for the best. I am so sorry to hear that the news is discouraging to say the least. A second opinion is a good idea. Sending lots of love your way.

  3. Darn lawnmowers! I think I might have to take a shovel & beat it for a while….that is… if it wouldnt hurt your back. Maybe get a friend to beat it for you. Hope the meds help your pain.

  4. Be sure to get a 2nd opinion, Linda. The type of professional that ONLY does spines is an orthopaedic spinal surgeon. You can find them in large cities and teaching hospitals. This is who did my first spine surgery and I had excellent outcome.

    Definitely find a good pain management specialist.

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