Help is on the way

I finally have an appointment with the neurosurgeon.  12:30 on Friday.  I’m a little nervous.  Not sure I want to have surgery, but I can’t stand the pain.  It’s not so bad when I’m up and around during the day, but as soon as I lie down at night to try and sleep, I end up writhing in pain.  Last night and tonight I took a muscle relaxer and a pain pill at 7:00.  I’ll ping pong my way off the walls on the way into my room, but at least I’ll be able to sleep.  There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep when you’ve been in pain for a long time.

I have managed to get a lot of work done at the office lately.  Not knowing what’s coming up next is really driving me on.  Now, if only the same would apply to my quilting.  I have managed to organize and neaten up my studio a bit.  I actually found the battery charger for my digital camera, which is a real plus!  I have my next quilt loaded, just need to start quilting.

My problems seem small compared to what my friend Ronda is dealing with.  She has more disc and joint problems than I do and she’s younger than me.  I pray she will be well soon.  Maybe we can get a group discount on spinal procedures.

On a happier note, I’ve had pizza for dinner that past two nights — I’ve been making it on a low-carb tortilla.   Just two tablespoons of pasta sauce and some shredded cheese, a little chopped up leftover steak from the night before and voila!  Pizza fit for a bariatric patient.  It was so good.