When the going gets bad, the bad go shopping

Well, will I ever grow up? I got angry at a post on my favorite yahoo list and, of course, had my typical knee-jerk reaction. Many folks came to my aid, but many got nasty, and in the meanwhile, the poor woman to whom I reacted probably feels like dog doo. I have sent her a private message to apologize if I misunderstood her. I probably should apologize in public, but have a feeling I would set off another firestorm, so I’m laying low. But, since I was feeling crappy about my temper, and feeling crappy because I couldn’t quilt today or be with my quilting buddies, I stopped at the local Babylock dealer on the way home and bought me a new toy. BabyLock Imagine Serger

Now all I have to do is learn how to use the sucker! I get a free one-on-one class with the dealer, have a book, and I also get a free serger trolley if I want to haul it around. Babylock has the deal right now where there is no interest for 12 months, so I can pay it off in a year same as cash. I wanted it to finish seams on my wearables and to make napkins, potholders, etc., with the 145 yards of fabric I bought a couple of weeks ago. Now that I’ve done all this spending, it’s time to start some working!!

I took in a quilt yesterday and, an hour after the gal left, she called to ask if she could bring me another! I guess quilting season is really picking up. I’d best get hopping so I can earn the money to pay for my toys.


11 thoughts on “When the going gets bad, the bad go shopping

  1. sometimes it doesn’t pay to get out of bed does it? you’ve apologized, she’s apologized, life goes on. enjoy your new toy. i’m looking forward to seeing pictures of all the “stuff” you create!

  2. You mean I have to USE it now? πŸ˜› I’d best get my rear in gear or I’ll be up the creek! I have to come home at 2:00 tomorrow because the guy is coming to clean the furnace, so I should get a little play time in!

  3. Oh, don’t worry about the list. I saw all the posts. The whole kerfuffle is mild compared to others that I’ve seen. give it a week or two and it will all be forgotten. But good idea to buy a gift to make yourself feel better. And what a gift! You are going to it. I have the Evolve and it’s awesome. It’s my third serger and I will use this one until ti dies.

  4. Okay – I need a serger. So you have pushed me over the edge. Please share with me why I should buy a Babylock (the financing sounds great) and what features do I need to make sure it has – minimum at least? Like you, I want it to edge clothing seams and make simple home things. Help?

  5. And PS – Sometimes when people push at you, you have to push back. You have already done the right thing and it will pass. Sorry it happened to you.

  6. Linda, I think the misunderstanding and hurt feelings wouldn’t have happened if others had just kept their opinions (and noses and fingers) out of it. The woman stated her opinion, you replied, she apologized if she had inadvertantly hurt your feelings, you accepted the apology and explained why you reacted/responded in the manner you did—–there was no problem until people felt the need to write to either support her or support you. I had an opinion, too, but didn’t feel the need to share it and continue to stir the pot (am I stirring right now? ROFLMBO!! I hope not!). Anyway, I’m glad you and she are fine with each other…..and I love your new toy! I bought a baby lock imagine (model BLE1AT) last April…….haven’t used it yet—- So, learn how to use yours and then I’ll beg you for lessons on how to use mine……. πŸ˜‰

    Hugs to you!

  7. Been there, done that…. I am so sorry, it will all blow over, we still love ya…… Saying I am sorry is a big thing and you did the right thing, stand proud.. Love your new toy, I have one that I rarely use, have fun, when you use it you will love it….. Talk to you when I get home… Love to you my beautiful friend

  8. Carol – I bought the Babylock because they were so highly recommended – mostly because the threading of the lower loopers is automatic. You just stick about an inch of the thread in a little hole and push the button – WHOOSH! It’s threaded. Also has a pretty handy upper threader for the needles. I talked with the dealer, thinking I wanted the Evolve or the new Imagine Wave, but she talked me into the less expensive (imagine that!) plain old Imagine, which can do everything I want, is very reliable, and was a great deal. I started to play last night and realize it even has an instructional video with it! Way cool.

  9. Linda, I was given a bernina overlock machine by a customer and have I used it yet? LOL! I will watch you use yours and that will inspire me.

    Ps: tomorrow will be a better day for you, I’m sure. hang in there!

  10. Shopping Therapy always works for me!

    I used to work for a Bernina dealer and purchased a serger then. I don’t think to use it as much as I should, but every time I do I think, “Wow, this is one cool piece of equipment!” Enjoy your new toy and don’t be afraid of it.

    One of the reasons I lay low on the lists is to avoid ruffling feathers, but I think the friendships that you can develop make it worthwhile to participate. I plan on being braver and take the chance.

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