What a great weekend

I drove up to the NW Quilting Expo in Portland on Saturday to meet my friends Ronda Beyer and Teresa L. We had so much fun looking at the fabulous quilts and shopping at all the vendors and chatting. Ronda had several quilts with ribbons in the show, including the best of show ribbon for the beautiful “Stars for Arden” which she made in memory of her brother. I got some wonderful fabric – including some hand-dyed silk and hand-dyed sateen. Now to make something wonderful (hopefully) from this stuff. But, best of all was seeing friends and having good girl time. We also saw Megan Best, Kim Stotsenberg, and Carie Shields! I also had a quilty day today. Had a customer bring me a quilt and then call later on to ask if I could take another. Geez – things are getting busy, busy.


5 thoughts on “What a great weekend

  1. I had a blast and you look fantastic….. I am glad to see you doing the quilty thing again, you are a fantastic quilter, your quilt at the show was fabulous…… Maybe oneday I will have time to do a whole cloth….. Enjoy our Oregon rain… Talk to you when I get back, Love to you….

  2. Linda, it was wonderful to see and spend time with you again. You look so good, so happy and so darn thin! 😀 I hope we don’t have to wait another 12 months to meet up again.

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