Apparently, it’s bug season too

Well, now I know why I was so tired yesterday!  I got out of bed this morning, took a shower, dried my hair, got dressed, and was about to leave the house when I was called back to the bathroom.  There I stayed for quite a while.  😦  I managed to catch a bus into the office around 10:30 (no point in driving at that time, because there will be no parking spaces), so now I’m sitting here feeling rather puny.  I don’t know if I ate something bad (not likely) or if there is a bug circulating, but I feel just awful.  Luckily, I have my own office, so I can shut the door and try to work in peace.  Unfortunately, it is the first day of the term, and the phone is ringing off the hook, people are knocking asking for things, and the stack of paper still hasn’t gone down from when the summer started.  Well, I guess I would rather be here and miserable than to be home (where I could be doing a million FUN things) and being miserable there.  I think there will be an early bedtime tonight.  The bad thing is, that we are back to normal hours today, so I have to stay till 5:00!  Actually, I should stay till 6:30, as I was late.  I did work through lunch to make up an hour.  I really don’t feel like eating anyway.

So, I guess I’ll go home, get the next quilt loaded, and then go to bed.  I hope I can manage to keep my eyes open here.  Well, there’s the phone again  . . .


One thought on “Apparently, it’s bug season too

  1. Sorry to read that you are feeling so puny. There is a bug going around and it sometimes comes with cold symptoms (lovely, hmmm?). It doesn’t seem to hang on for too long….but you sure feel crummy, tired and get sick of ‘porcelain white’ while it is ‘visiting’. Hope you feel better soon.

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