It’s quilting season

And I’ve got a terrible case of the lazies.  Maybe it was the trip to Innovations this weekend.  I drove up after work (I left early) on Friday.  I stayed with a quilter from the APQS board who was so gracious to me.  She didn’t even let me pay for half the room.  You meet the nicest people in the quilting world.  I went to the show and did a little shopping on Saturday morning, then drove home.  So, I spent about 8-9 hours in the car and I’ve been so tired ever since.  I did get some great last minute deals because I showed up as vendors were preparing to go home.  My biggest score was a Tutto sewing machine bag at a discount, and then they threw in the accompanying bag for only $20.  So now I am well outfitted for heading to my quilting retreat next month.  I’ve got to get a bit more energy built up.  I’m heading up to Portland next weekend for the NW Quilting Expo.  I hope the show is a bit larger (at least with more vendors) than Innovations was.  While there were some great quilts at Innovations, it seems to be such a tiny show.  I figure NW Quilting Expo will have the Hoffman Challenge quilts, plus the ones that have been entered, so I’m thinking it will have to be bigger.  Plus, the list of vendors seems longer.   Anyway, I hope to meet my friend Ronda there and spend the day looking at the quilts and looking for fun stuff at the vendors booths.  I hope I find a little energy and a little inspiration along the way.


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