What was I thinking?

I know – I really wasn’t thinking. I am having a gathering at my house tomorrow for many of the folks in the area who have had weight loss surgery. In the area? I have someone coming up from Cave Junction and someone coming down from Portland! The rest are from the area. As most of you know, I am a horrible housekeeper, so I will frantically try to neaten the house so as not to embarrass myself when they all show up. My niece is at my house right now weeding out the flower beds. I had been hoping for a couple of little kids to open the gate and discover a secret garden, restore it to its former beauty, and then I could sit out there and enjoy it with them, but that never happened. Ah well. One can dream (and I often do!).

I do hope to get back to quilting this weekend. I’ve been saying that for a long time and have not quite managed it yet. Procrastination, sloth, and just general laziness are to blame. Wanting to stretch out with the kitties in the sunny spot on the carpet and just do nothing seems to have taken hold. I do have so many projects I want to work on. I must find the gumption to get going again. Of course, after a very long spring, we are about to have summer in Eugene. Temps are supposed to climb into the nineties next week, after a summer (?) of temps mostly in the 70s. I want fall weather — I want 60s with a nice rain mist falling. This is Oregon, isnt’ it?

Ah well, I wish you all a fun and productive weekend.


3 thoughts on “What was I thinking?

  1. Linda, just keep reminding yourself that they are coming to visit with you and with the others who are going to be there……no one is coming with white gloves to inspect the house. I hope you end up having a great time and get lots of compliments on how wonderful you are looking!

  2. Teresa is right, wish I could tell myself that… Before I started my Quilting business I was a clean freak, where did that woman go??????
    Just relax and enjoy your time with new friends everyone will have a great time just being with you……

  3. Why do we all think we have to have spotless houses to have people over? Teresa is right, relax and enjoy meeting new friends. My mother always said clutter was the sign of creativity = ) Go ahead and let them see what an amazingly creative talented awesome woman you are!

    I’m with you on the weather. Lets have some real Oregon weather! I’m ready for comfy sweats and sugar free hot chocolate!

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