I want to come back as a cat

If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I’d like to come back as a cat.  Hopefully, one that would know enough to look both ways before crossing the street.  I see my two boys sleeping away the day and I am so jealous, so today I have decided to emulate them.  I spent yesterday staining my new fence.  I have about 300 linear feet of new fence, and it all needed to be sealed with a stain/linseed oil mix.  I had done a short section of the front fence about a week ago, but I decided to get it all done yesterday.  I even got up the nerve to contact my two neighbors and venture into their backyards so I could finish the other side.  I did it!  14 gallons of stain later, it was all done.  I am so tired today.  I had hoped to weed the flower beds, which are currently full of weeds, but I just didn’t get out there.  I played on the computer a bit this morning, watched a bit of TV (documentaries on the Universe) while eating lunch, and then just decided to go back to bed.  I could live like this, so I figure my next life should be as a cat.  Instead of quilting quilts, I would just lie on them or bunch up batting scraps and make myself a nice little bed.  I could play with spools of thread and be even more entertained than I am by them now.  I’m sure I would still have an appreciation for good quality fabric — Lord knows Vince shies away from substandard material now!  Ah well, I hope that some day I manage to get all my energy back.  Some days I feel so full of energy, but if I use it all up, I’m wiped out for days.  I wish I had managed to accomplish a bit more before I have to go back to work tomorrow.  I really would love to go in one day like you go into surgery — and in two years, someone could say “Linda, wake up!  It’s all over!  You can retire now!”  I can hardly wait.


4 thoughts on “I want to come back as a cat

  1. I know what you mean. I think part of the funk I have been in lately is simply that my batteries are depleted from running, running, running all the time, trying to keep up the pace. I need to just be still…

  2. Well I would say that you accomplished one big undertaking my Dear….. I am proud of you…. Yesterday was a great day to rest, it was hot and you deserve a day of R&R with everything you have been through…… Your energy will come back more with every pound you shed…. Hang in there and be proud of your accomplishments….. I would like to awake and find my house shiny clean……

  3. Linda, wow on the 14 gallons of stain and what a great accomplishment. I think doing all of that would tire most people out.

    Coming back as a cat? Hmmmm….sounds like a plan so long as it wouldn’t be as an old beat up tom cat that lives in an alley….. 😉

    Yeah, that is me….always looking for the good possiblities in any situation. LOL

  4. Holy cow thats a lot of stain! I’m glad you decided to take a day to rest. 700 calories does not go far, as far as endurance goes. I’m sure your body needed to re-charge. I’ve been watching my cat lay in the sun all day while I quilt…and yes I was jealous! lol. Laying in the sun, being served meals as needed and multiple daily back rubs can’t be bad = )

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