My first blue ribbon

Today is a good day. I came home to find a letter telling me that my whole cloth has been accepted into the Northwest Quilting Expo. Then I walked down to the Lane County Fair, only about six blocks from my house, to scope out the quilts. Half way through the exhibit, I happened upon a customer quilt with a blue ribbon on it. I was thrilled for my customer and proud that I had a hand in the quilt, but the ribbon was for piecing. In fact, it is the red and white Tennessee Waltz pictured above. As I moved through the exhibit, I wondered what in the heck had happened to my quilt, as I didn’t see it hanging anywhere. It turned out that the pro class quilts were not hung, but arranged on a table (under netting) so that people could look at them close up and not touch. There was mine with a blue ribbon on it!! I am so happy. Okay, it’s only the county fair and I think there were only four or five quilts in the pro class, but I got the blue. My first BLUE!! For those of you who haven’t seen the quilt, here she is.

In memory of my mother


8 thoughts on “My first blue ribbon

  1. Wow Linda, I hadn’t seen that one before, it’s beautiful. No surprise it got the blue. Are you going to enter it anywhere else?


  2. Bravo!!!!!! Well deserved my friend… Look out Expo here comes Linda…. We should plan to meet up there the first day….. Celebrate you deserve it… Hugs

  3. Knowing your work, I think it is a travesty that it took this long to win a blue ribbon. Your work is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Congratulations!!! And best of luck at the Expo. I am so happy to read how things are going so well for you now.

    Happy quilting,

    Christine 🙂

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