Back in the saddle again

Well, it was inevitable. I have to go back to work tomorrow. Wah! Actually, I imagine it will be nice to see everyone again. I just hope they don’t all come clamoring for things they need right away.

I had my check-up with my surgeon today. He says I am doing really well. I probably need to take in more calories than I am currently. HA! I never thought I’d hear a doctor tell me to eat more. LOL I can now try eating just about anything I want (healthy food, that is). I just have to make sure it’s small amounts (I can’t eat more than a half cup at a time) and that I eat slowly.

My little volcano art quilt is currently in New Zealand Quilter magazine. Well, a tiny little picture of it is there. I can also see my sister’s maple leaf quilt. My volcano quiltThe picture of the quilts in the magazine is from the debut at the Yokohama quilt festival in the fall of 2006. I hope the picture uploaded – I haven’t tried this before.


4 thoughts on “Back in the saddle again

  1. Are we even going to be able to recognize you next time we see you? So glad your on the other side & feeling well. πŸ™‚

  2. Good to hear you’re feeling so good. Have you bought a whole new wardrobe yet??
    I couldn’t see the maple leaf quilt, but your volcano is awesome-how big is the quilt?

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