Hmmm, this was supposed to be about the quilting, wasn’t it? 😉 Well, I have not quilted anything in 2.5 months! I’ve bought a lot of fabric, but otherwise, zip, zilch, and zed. I think my back is finally healed enough from falling over onto the lawnmower, to start a project. I have two non-urgent customer quilts to do, and then there is a faculty member in my department who is expecting in a month or so. I was thinking of making a small wholecloth, putting a large C (family initial) in the middle, and then perhaps using Renae’s Arcs and Rays to make it look snappy. That way I don’t have to worry about piecing anything. I think I’ll do the top in a satiny material and the back in flannel. Maybe throw a couple of baby motifs into the body somewhere. Of course, we all know that my thinking and my doing are two totally different things. I WILL go shopping for the fabric in the morning. I’m going to clear off the table tonight so I can do some marking when I get home and get the fabric out of the wash.

Time for my evening walk!


4 thoughts on “Quilting?

  1. Wow Linda! I check your blog pretty much everyday for an update…I was tickled today to see you back “talking up a storm”…lol! I guess I missed a checkin yesterday or something. Glad you are doing so well! Don’t overdo…that vacuuming isn’t going anywhere…

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