The nerves are setting in

As many of you know, I will be having weight loss surgery next Tuesday.  I’m not nervous about the surgery — I think I’m well-prepared for what to expect, and I’ve been operated on before.  I am, however, getting a bit nervous about getting everything done before I leave for Portland.  I have my support team lined up to go with me, my house/pet sitters all set to go, and I’m slowly getting all the work stuff taken care of.  I have, however, made a disaster of my house, acquiring all the things I need for after surgery and just sort of stock piling them as I come in the house.  Tonight I need to straighten out the kitchen, put away all my organic soups and broths, organize things that I will need, and wash all my tiny containers that I bought for carting around my tiny meals.  I’m also waiting for my Apple software to update so I can load some tunes onto my Ipod Nano so I don’t have to listen to too may hospital sounds.  I’d rather have some nice music.  I think I may also go and buy one of those relaxation mood sound CDs in case I have trouble sleeping there with nurses poking and proding me all the time.  I have a great cassette tape (ancient technology, no?) that is called by canoe to loon lake.  It is so restful, but I’m thinking that at this time of my life it will have me jumping up to visit the bathroom every five minutes.  Something about the trickle of the stream and the dipping of the oar in the water! 

I will need to drink a lot of water after the surgery and, being allergic to everything as I am, I’ve had difficulty finding things to flavor water with no calories and no aspartame (too much of that stuff will give me the worst headache).  Tonight I found some very tasty stuff called Celestial Seasonings Zingers.  Right now I am drinking the Blueberry Flavor, which is supposed to be all natural, has green tea and antioxidants (mustn’t rust those innards!) and is sweetened with Stevia.  So far so good.  The flavor is excellent.  I’m just hoping I’m not allergic to Stevia.  I already had to take one of my organic soups back because it contained soy milk and would have killed me quickly.  Ack.

 I am hoping to clean off my cutting table in my studio before I go and pin down the pattern I have drawn for my next whole cloth.  I will then lay out the batiste and secure that over it.  I figure that when I’m recovering, it might be fun to just sit and trace the design on with the blue pen.  By the time I finish all that work, I should be fairly well healed and all set to get it on the machine and start the process.  I hope that it will come out as beautifully as I envision it in my mind.  I always seem to be surprised.  Either the end result is so awful or so much better than I expected.  I’m hoping for the latter. 

Well, enough babble for this evening.  It’s time to sort this mess out!


18 thoughts on “The nerves are setting in

  1. Linda, the BEST CD I have found so far for resting and relaxing to is by Enya and is called Shepherd Moons. My pharmacist actually gave me a copy when I was having trouble last fall with all the show stuff and hadn’t slept in days.

    Looking forward to seeing your next wholecloth!!!!!

  2. Good morning Linda! I hope you are able to get all of the things done, that you wish to have completed, before you head to have your surgery. I do hope you’ll be able to let someone know how you are doing so they can post it in their blog on online…’re going to be in our thoughts and prayers on surgery day!

  3. All will be fine, I guess you will be a cheap lunch date next time (lol). Best Wishes keep me posted on how things go. Hugs and always good thoughts to you….

  4. Wish you well on your surgery. Just remember your goal and know that your friends are holding up.

  5. Hi, Linda!

    I can’t believe the date is so rapidly approaching! I hope things go very well for you, and that you are back up to quilting very soon. I was very into Enya for a while, and I love every CD that I have of hers.

  6. Hi Linda!

    I wish you well! My sister-in-law had this surgery and in less than a year was thin and healthy. In fact, we didn’t even recognize her! Anyway, I know you will do fine! We’ll be thinking of you!!

  7. Linda,

    I know things will end up great for you. You have been in my thoughts, as I knew it was coming closer. Great idea for the music, I also think Enya is a good choice. Keep us posted.

  8. Sending wishes for a great surgery, and a speedy recovery. I too look forward to seeing that new wholecloth. What a great idea to have it ready to mark.


  9. Linda I’m praying that all will go well with your surgery and recovery! and I’m glad I found you again……you were lost 🙂

  10. Just tried phoning you to wish you all the best today! I’ll be eagerly awaiting word on how you are doing after the surgery and you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers throughout the day.

    I’m excited that the day you’ve looked forward to so much, is finally here and that you’re beginning the journey that you’ve worked so hard towards. May it be all that you’ve dreamt and desire.

  11. You’ve been on my mind so often yesterday and today. I’m hoping that we’ll hear how you are doing soon.

    All my best to you!!!

  12. I just found your new blog and wanted to let you know I was thinking about you and hope all is going well on your new adventure. Now that I’ve found your blog, I’ll be checking in for your fun updates and stories.

  13. Hey Linda–I just heard about your surgery. I’ll keep you in my prayers.
    Please take care of yourself — the housework will still be there. And I can’t wait to see your wholecloth.

    Irene (aka reenie beanie)

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