Another new blog

Okay, I’m pretty new at this.  I’ve had a private (sort of — actually, that’s a joke, isn’t it?) blog on another site for some time.  While I usually have a lot to say, you all may find it rather boring.  Occasionally, I do have something fun or interesting to say, and sometimes I can spin a fair yarn.  I’m not sure I’m jazzed with my background settings here, but give me some time to get the lay of the land and I’ll make it more my own.  In the meanwhile, pull up a chair, make yourselves at home, and welcome!


7 thoughts on “Another new blog

  1. Here I am!! There you are!!! 😀

    I’m still working on thinking of the ‘right’ name for my blog…… is heck not having sufficient brain cells to come up with something clever, witty and fun. 😉

  2. You ROCK, marbles and all (lol)……. Love the look and love you can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.

  3. Linda, hope your back is still feeling better… Glad I have a place to read your updates and send you my support.

  4. Pretty quilt at the top of your blog! Two color quilts are some of my favorites.

    I see that you’ve been working on your blog……and I’m glad that you’ve got a place where we can visit you.

  5. Linda,

    Love this red and white quilt, I remember that one, fabulous………… Hope you are feeling better everyday, I am heading back to the neurologist…. Love to you this rainy day in Oregon…..

  6. Hey Linda, glad to find you finally. And thanks for the hysterical joke about your other PRIVATE blog! That made me literally laugh out loud.

    Looking forward to many more giggles as I pull up my chair.


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